5 Quick Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2022



1. Quality Guest Posting

Guest blogging is an easy and effective way to drive traffic and build quality backlinks.

2. Analyze Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Do you want to know your competitor’s organic strategy and how they get backlinks?

3. Monitor Your Unlinked Brands Mentions

Do you know your brand mentions help in boosting your search engine ranking? And google also take them counting. But links have more weighted over unlinked brand mentions.

4. Get High-Quality Backlinks using HARO

HARO is nowadays has become one of the significant sources getting quality backlinks.

  • Make a pitch for the relevant content
  • Submit your pitch

5. Broken LinkBuilding

Broken link building is one of the most effective and scalable techniques for getting high-quality backlinks by replacing dead ones with live ones.

In most cases, sites stop working or have moved onto a new URL, and the page will appear with 404 errors.

This gives you an opportunity for outreach to help those sites find and fix their broken link!

There are multiple tools available, but I’ve found Ahref best suited my needs when looking through dead/broken links. All you have to do is enter the URL of the site to get a list of dead links.

After finding dead links, you have to inform the site owner about the broken links and create and pitch your better quality content to fix them.For both parties, this is a win-win situation. You are assisting them in removing dead links by recommending high-quality content; in exchange, they will link to your content.


These five quick ways to get high-quality backlinks are a great starting point for anyone looking to boost SEO and build his online presence. Grow together as digital marketers!😊What do you think?Which strategy will you apply first?Let me know in the comments.

Awais Younas
Awais Younas
Awais Younas is a Content Manager at SocialBu. He loves social media, especially when He can write about it. In his free time, He’s a knitter extraordinaire.
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